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Mission 11 partners with organizations across the globe to deliver impactful and unique campaigns. Learn about these organizations, their campaigns with Mission 11, and how YOU can help to make a difference.

Animals Asia | Mission11

Mission 11 partnered with Animals Asia to deliver a cheeky campaign against bear bile farming.  Around 10,000 moon bears are currently confined in horrific cages on bear bile farms throughout Asia. They cannot enjoy the most basic of bear behaviors. The campaign fights to end this barbaric industry and let bears do what they were born to do… sh!t in the woods. 

We partnered with Wolf Conservation Center in NY to create #StandForWolves action to OPPOSE the “War on Wolves” budget rider. Lawmakers have repeatedly unleashed legislation seeking to strip federal Endangered Species Act protections from wolves in four states. If passed into law, wolves will die at the hands of trophy hunters. Join us and fight the war on wolves.

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