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Mission11 provides complimentary campaign design, photography, and cinematography services to support and enhance the causes of organizations tackling some of the earth's most crucial challenges.


All campaigns are created and shot by renowned photographer Katarina Benzova and her team .


We will connect to discuss your organization, goals, and present challenges as well as any ideas you have for a campaign. From there, we will determine a date for Mission11 to come in and get started!


Mission11 will spend a few days engaging and observing your team to gain a deeper understanding of your organization, mission, and campaign needs / goals. We will brainstorm ideas, put forth a proposal, and develop a plan to create something special.


Now... the fun part! With enhanced knowledge of your organization, Mission11 will plan, shoot, and deliver a unique and impactful campaign custom to your cause.

This will include collaboration with artists, celebrities, and public figures to shine brighter light on your mission and spread your message around the globe.


Once the campaign is delivered, it is up to YOU to determine the best ways to use it. Mission11 will provide campaign partners with all files, images, videos, etc.. We're on a quest to give you stunning campaigns for you to leverage in the best way possible.

Connecting with wolves in Slovakia
Sandboarding the dunes in Abu Dhabi
Itiquira Falls in Brazil
Turquoise Caribbean waters
On the top of the world
Top of Pyramid Of the Sun meditation
Diving Komodo Islands in Indonesia
Mermaid :)
Magical cenotes at Yucatan Península
Backpacking India
Chilling with the roos in Australia
Walking wild elephants in India
Diving Komodo Islands
Great Barrier Reef



Born and raised in the mountains of Slovakia, Kat is an internationally renowned music and documentary photographer/cinematographer & creative director currently living in Los Angeles. 

After a decade working around the globe as a fashion model, the ambitions of Katarina Benzova finally outgrew the runway, prompting a deeper need to rediscover both herself and the rest of the world from the other side of the lens.

Kat started her professional career in photography as the tour photographer for Guns N’ Roses in 2010, and has since become one of the most sought after rock photographers in the world, working with legendary musicians, including AC/DC, Aerosmith, KISS, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne, Anthony Kiedis, Courtney Love,  and countless other household names. 

Recently named Leica’s newest Ambassador, Kat has presented her work in numerous exhibitions worldwide including at Cannes Film Festival, and in the KISS exhibition alongside legends Neil Preston, Bob Gruen, and Lynn Goldsmith. Her fine art prints are available through the legendary Morrison Hotel Gallery and The Rock Photography Museum. 

Her work can be seen in ads for Maserati, Gibson Guitars, Fender, Monster Energy, Leica Camera, Live Nation, and Hard Rock Hotels, and in some of the most prominent publications including LIFE Magazine, Rolling Stone, Vogue and Billboard.

Kat is an adventurer and world traveler and has parlayed her documentary skills both in print and film. Her documentary Revolución and published book of the same title takes place in Cuba, telling the story of one of the first American bands to play in the country, The Dead Daisies. She was also part of a documentary team that worked on a film about Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India. Kat is a philanthropist and believes in leveraging her creativity to help organizations create a bigger impact.  She worked with Nelson Mandelas Foundation : Legacy Of Hope, DoVE Project, The Heroes Project, NAMI, Animals Asia, Janie's Fund, Surfrider Foundation, Wolf Conservation Center, My Sister's Place Foundation and many others.

"Through Mission11,  I will support organizations that generate impact in raising consciousness and awareness in programs that nurture our planet — making sure next generations will be able to enjoy our precious home.


We are collectively over 7.5 billion human inhabitants sharing this same lifetime together. Throughout my life, I’ve watched as life on our planet has become increasingly more fragile and used to think — I’m just one person, how do I make a change? 

But then I remembered what Mahatma Gandhi said,

Katarina Benzova | Mission11

Through this project, I hope to start being that change. With the power of photography, art, strong social campaigns, and undying motivation to make an impact, we can stand up and bolster the organizations fighting for this planet.We can all become better caretakers, guardians, and servant leaders.”

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About Katarina
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